Cyrus "Gilded-eye" Ashford


Cyrus is a kindly-looking halfling, roughly 60 years of age. He has longish, grey hair, including a long, full beard which droops to below his chest. Cyrus often absent-mindedly runs a hand through it while conversing with clients. His left eye is obscured by a golden-framed lens, apparently a jeweler’s loupe or monocle, though it never leaves Cyrus’ possession.

He is also notable for his tricorne hat, adorned with a variety of feathers he has collected over his life. Flamboyant, brilliant blue feathers are intermingled with feathers of various sizes and colors, including several raven feathers interspersed throughout the rest.


Cyrus’ involvement with the Broken Trust is not much of a secret, though there are very few individuals within Sunderhold that would address that fact in public.

Well-connected enough with the upper and lower classes alike – and just as well-renowned for his ability to complete a contract thoroughly and discreetly – Cyrus’ reputation affords him a wide berth from the authorities and a similar amount of leeway within the Broken Trust to pursue personal goals and contracts which further his personal interests.

Cyrus "Gilded-eye" Ashford

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