Martas Loyalar


Martas is a tall, slightly gaunt young man of about thirty years of age. He stands proudly and looks upon the world with a scrutinizing gaze. His hair is shoulder length, wheat-blonde in color, and slightly unkempt – his entire demeanor suggests he hasn’t slept properly in a good while.


Last surviving heir of the Loyalar family, a prominent house in the City of Sunderhold. As head of his house, he also serves as wardbaron for the ward of Baelron’s Watch within the city. It is a matter of public rumor that the house Loyalar is embroiled in some sort of scandal – Martas’ late father Gallus had a reputation for gambling and reportedly has squandered much of the house’s wealth.

Based on what you’ve encountered, he is a secretive and mysterious man. Despite being in the Lord Barrister’s very den, he appeared wry and relatively well-collected (if a bit drunk), even somehow producing effects of magical invisibility. His ties with Cyrus and access to information make him seem fairly clever and well-connected.