Baelron's Watch

Oakbarrel Square in Baeron’s Watch, looking up toward Sunderhold Ward


Baelron’s Watch is the most populated ward in Sunderhold, comprised of several, sprawling neighborhoods which contain the majority of residences within the city. In addition, Baelron’s Watch contains a multitude of fine inns, taverns, and restaurants as well – catering to all walks of live within the city, poor and noble alike.

The ward is named for a long past regent of Sunderhold, Baelron Gilraven, who is famous in history for the formation of the Deeprunner’s Order. His is similarly famous in myth for his adventures on the Trackless Sea, and the fantastic voyages across Ur’duryn as a famous Deeprunner and shipmaster himself.


The wardbaron of Baelron’s Watch is Martas Loyalar, the only remaining son and heir of the Loyalar family. The noble house of the Loyalars have served dutifully as respected wardbarons for several generations, but the house has fallen on hard times as of late. Martas’ older brother, the former heir, was the shipmaster of the Deeprunner vessel Foolhardy. As of present day, the ship and its crew have been missing for the past two years and are presumed dead.

The once respectable and affluent Loyalar name doesn’t carry the same favorable opinion as it once did – Martas’ father, the late Gallus Loyalar, is rumored to have squandered the family’s assets – accumulating a fortune in gambling debts before his passing two years ago, leaving Martas alone with the crumbling scraps of the once-great house.

Notable locations

  • Baelron’s Wall – One of the great thaumium relics of Sunderhold, Baelron’s Wall is a contiguous, thaumium carving which forms a 15’ by 40’ relief mural, fixed into the side of the Loyalar manor. Scholars of the Nádr civilization hold this relief in high regard, as its condition and size represent one of the best surviving artifacts of the culture. Despite it’s fervent study, the names, relationships, messages, and events depicted in the mural are subject to wide and rampant speculation due to the lack of other surviving records of the Nádr to serve as a translating link. Unlike the other the other thaumium relics in other wards, Baelron’s Wall does not serve any apparent functional purpose, or exhibit any magical enchantment other than a dim, bluish-green glow indicative of most thaumaturgical applications.
  • Oakbarrel Square – A collection of dozens of inns, pubs, and taverns surrounding a shared public square, so named for the morning ritual of rolling out emptied kegs and barrels from behind the bars out to the markets while delivery boys and barkeeps simultaneously roll the fresh kegs back in. It only takes one morning dodging the crossfire of barrels and hired hands to learn to avoid the Square between certain hours.