The plaza at Artisan’s Row, home to several specialized merchants within Highgarden.


Highgarden is the smallest ward within the city of Sunderhold, but it houses the most wealthy denizens of the city, as well as several high-end and specialized merchants. The ward sits on a small, elevated plateau, nestled into Sunderhold ward and overlooking Runner’s Return. Most of the noble houses maintain residences and estates within Highgarden, and as such, demand increased patrol and security from the Bloodhelms – the colloquial name for Sunderhold’s standing army and city guard.


The wardbaron of Highgarden is Valoff Barrister – head of the oldest noble house in Sunderhold. Valoff also owns and operates very successful vineyards and orchards in and around the city, and is very strategic and methodical about his investments in other businesses and mercantile endeavors. His shrewd business acumen, combined with his social and political ties throughout Sunderhold, provide Valoff with a tremendous amount of influence within the city.

Notable locations

  • Artisan’s Row - An ornate and elegant plaza within Highgarden in which an array of tailors, jewelers, blacksmiths, or any skilled trade are sought out for their particular specialties. Being able to open a shop in Artisan’s Row is a privilege – an artisan has to demonstrate their worthiness and skill to conduct business in Highgarden before the wardbaron will consider providing a permit.
  • The Glasspool - The pristine waters which flow from the Maidenfall in Sunderhold ward flow through Highgarden, passing through a peculiar basin before continuing throughout the city. As soon as the flow enters the large, stone-rimmed pool, the water becomes completely and preternaturally still. Even ripples and waves elicited from splashing the surface will dissipate instantly, giving the pool a perfect, mirror-like surface. The effects are believed to be another of Sunderhold’s great thaumium relics, and a park has formed around the basin. Nobles often enjoy constitutional strolls and meeting associates in the gardens and benches surrounding the Glasspool.