Stark beams of light crisscrossed the room, illuminating the haze of dust lazily drifting through the air. Martellan hesitated a moment, listening for any sign of danger to emanate from the dark corners of the chamber. Satisfied he was alone, the scholar became a flurry of activity – pulling parchment and charcoal nubs from his packs, immediately taking rubbings of the strange reliefs carved into the stone and drawing unfamiliar sigils in his notes. “Here be the old knowledge,” he said to himself, almost a content sigh – whispering a prayer of thanks to the All-seer for leading him to this forgotten catacomb in the same breath.


Alignment: True Neutral
Symbol: A radiant, open eye
Portfolio: Knowledge, scholars, secrets

A long-lost subterranean library

The lands of Sundren are characterized by its surviving lore, but perhaps even more so by all of the secrets and history which has been forgotten and lost. Ocellus is a member of Sundren’s pantheon of Old Gods, and all knowledge – retained or forgotten – falls under his dominion.

Like all of the old gods, much of the concrete lore and understanding of Ocellus is lost to time. His influence is subtle, and at times confusing or seemingly contradictory. His ideals simultaneously promote the preservation and collection of information, secrets, and lore while also demanding some facets of knowledge stay hidden and forgotten.

Scholars, scribes, archivists, and other such professions and trades hold the All-seer in high regard. However, diplomats, spies, and thieves also seek Ocellus’ favor – knowledge is a powerful tool in any hand, and Ocellus seems to regard the knowledge itself in higher regard than its wielder.