Pantheons and Cosmology of Sundren


Due to the magical and planar instability caused by the Sundering, a number of the old gods of Sundren still exert their will on the land. However, always eager to extend their portfolios to new worshippers and planes, deities from the material plane of Abeir-Toril have been subtly (and sometimes not so subtly) extending their reach to the peoples and lands of Sundren.

The Unsundered Pantheon:

These gods are the remaining greater powers that grasp onto their portfolios, occasionally clashing with the wills and influence of their Faerunian counterparts.

The Faerunian Influx:

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These are the interloping and influencing gods of Faerun and Aber-Toril – capitalizing on the thinned barriers between planes and easy access to the vulnerable lands of Sundren.

  • Umberlee - (Oceans, sea winds, waves)
  • Talos - (Chaos, destruction, storms)
  • SelĂ»ne - (Moon, navigation, travel)
  • Oghma - (Wind, seas, currents)
  • Deneir - (Knowledge, glyphs, cartography)
  • Gond - (Artifice, construction, craft)
  • Moradin - (Dwarves, metalcraft, stonework)
  • Solonor Thelandira - (Elves, archery, woods)
  • Shaundakul - (Exploration, portals, travellers)

Pantheons and Cosmology of Sundren

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