Preacher's Row

The neighborhood of Butcher’s Row, viewed from a belltower


Preacher’s Row boasts some of the oldest scraps of history and landmarks within the City of Sunderhold, and in the present day, is undergoing a renewal of sorts in how residents and visitors to the ward live, work, and interact with the rest of the city. Preacher’s Row refers to the sprawl of tents, pulpits, stands, and crowds that organically assemble and disperse along the Old Road on the northeastern stretch of Sunderhold. Itinerant preachers, doomsayers and prophets struggle for corners, soapboxes, and space with which to cry out their personal gospels, prophecies, or scathing rants and screeds to the gatherings of pilgrims or passers by.


The wardbaron of Preacher’s Row is Aldra Brightmourn, master harpist and headmaster of the bardic College of Faeletan. She holds her offices and speeches within the various college buildings and stages, or on the Echo Stage itself, if a situation is significant enough to warrant it.

Entrances to the Echo Stage, and the bridge leading to College of Faeletan buildings

Notable locations

  • The Echo Stage – An open-air amphitheater centrally located within the ward. The Echo Stage is one of the great thaumium relics left behind by the original architects and denizens of Sunderhold. Constructed and hewn from a marble-like white stone, intricate veins and channels of thaumium are infused throughout the masonry. The infused magical energy creates a passive enchantment amplifying the volume of any individuals on the main stage, enabling everyone in the audience to clearly hear regardless of their proximity to the stage.
  • College of Faeletan – A bardic university catering to all of the arts, from music and performance to sculpture and painting. Named for a famous bard from antiquity, who’s folk-lorish stories dance the line between historical fact and fantastic mythology. The college’s headmaster, Aldra Brightmourn, also serves as the wardbaron for the city ward, as well as overseeing the use and booking of the Echo Stage’s timeslots.
  • Butcher’s Row – A long, open-air stretch of streets, back alleys, and shacks which house the less reputable doctors, surgeons, and barbers of Sunderhold. While there are more reputable temples and clerics to be found within the city, there are sometimes operations, requests, or “necessities” which require the more anonymous, or daring, attention of a practitioner out of the public’s eye. Butcher’s Row is also famous for it’s morally and legally ambiguous apocetharies, often frequented by the destitute and the richer citizen’s of Sunderhold alike.