Runner's Return


A welcome sight to most Deeprunner crews returning to the City, Runner’s Return is a ward encompassing the buildings and docks predominantly used by the Deeprunners, namely the Sending Docks and the Take.


Runner’s Return does not have a typical Wardbaron, and instead is internally “governed” within the Deeprunner’s Order. The Sunderhold Navy operate a small outpost and series of docks nearby the Sending Docks, and within walking distance of The Take. A small garrison of Bloodhelms are stationed in the outpost to perform standard patrols and keep order.

Notable locations

  • Sending Docks – A series of stone and mortar bulkheads and docks which can accommodate seven ships. These docks are only occupied by Deeprunner vessels, and there are enough births to service the entire Order at any given time. The docks themselves are one of the great Thaumium relics, imbued into the very fabric of the City. The docks constantly hum with the energy of Thaumium, projecting ethereal servants which guide ships, tether ropes, and tend to tasks on the docks. They are humanoid in shape, and barely visible as a ghostly, green outline when looked at out of the corner of your eye.
  • The Take – The headquarters of the Deeprunner’s Order. Built around the petrified, up-turned hull of an ancient Deeprunner ship. Holds meetings, provides room and board for seven Deeprunner crews, and serves as a “business front” for the organization.
  • The Sea Mirror – A bar built into the base of a shoreside lighthouse, adjacent to the Sending Docks. A favorite bar of Deeprunner crews and other sailors of fortune.