The Floating Markets


The Floating Markets comprise the neighborhoods, streets, and sprawling open-air markets which surround the northern stretch of the River Eldren’s run through Sunderhold. The namesake of the ward comes from the impressive multitude of rafts and make-shift storefronts which cluster around the river’s edge, as well as the floating rafts and markets on the river itself. Small, nimble courier boats and merchants from up-river float their wares directly into the city, and either deliver raw materials to the Forge further downstream, or set up to sell right as they arrive in Sunderhold.


The wardbaron of the Floating Markets is Scrivus Grymcunning, a dwarven artificer from Dweomerhome whose skill with cyphers and thaumaturgy quickly allowed him to climb the social and economical ranks within Sunderhold. His business and personal demeanor reflects his governance – swift, calculated, and perhaps a touch cold. Scrivus is quick to cast down judgments against thieves, and even harsher punishments to any con artists brave enough to peddle conflated or false cyphers in the Floating Markets.

He holds offices from his workshop and storefront, the Eldren Bazaar. The Bazaar is situated on High Street, aptly named as it overlooks most of the River Eldren and the Floating Markets. Scrivus will often make his announcements and judgements from a balcony in front of the shop to crowds gathered below.

Notable locations

  • The Floating Market – The very namesake of the ward, the Floating Markets are a sprawling mass of tents, rafts, shacks, storefronts, and any other conveyance which stretches out across the River Eldren and Sunderhold as far as the eye can see. Any manner of object, cypher, armor, blade, or craft is invariably for sale – finding the best merchant (and haggling the best price) is the true challenge.
  • Will-o’-Wisp Lanterns – One of the great thaumium relics of Sunderhold, the Lanterns consist of a multitude of luminous orbs which appear at sundown along the River Eldren, casting the Floating Markets in a pale, bluish-green light. The lights are relatively fixed in position, and will lazily bob back and forth at the height of a typical streetlamp. Any attempts to study the source of the Lanterns is mostly futile – they are incorporeal and no known means exists to extinguish or manipulate the lights in any way. The denizens and shopkeeps in the ward greatly value the illumination, which allows commerce and trade to continue well into the night.