The Forge


The Forge is a ward within the city of Sunderhold encompassing the sprawl of workshops, docks, foundry’s, blacksmiths, and shipwrights along the coast of the city and the River Eldren. Deeprunners, merchant ships, and Sunderhold Navy vessels alike rely on the services of the Forge – engineers and thaumaturges are valued to keep ships running and competitive enough to sail the Trackless Sea.


The wardbaron of The Forge is Drakkus Longhammer, a master shipright and blacksmith who is the de facto engineer and thaumaturgist for Deeprunner vessels. He hears issues and operates out of his workshops within Heartforge, crowds sometimes being forced to fight for standing room among his anvils and furnaces.

Notable Locations

  • Heartforge – The source of all the thaumium-induced energy which flows throughout the workshops of The Forge, and into each shop’s furnace. A massive furnace in the center of Heartforge is infused with thaumium, and connected by pipes to each furnace throughout The Forge. The ancient enchantments carry immense amounts of heat throughout the ductwork and the ward with ease, allowing miniscule amounts of fuel and thaumium to power the entirety of The Forge’s constant hunger for industry and engineering.
  • Malik’s Nursery – A small storefront, selling predominantly small bonsai-like trees and other varieties of flower and plant. A known front for Malik the Gardener’s ship scavenging business. Malik is a known contact for supplying interesting and buying similarly valuable ship components and thaumium engineering.
  • The Fairgrounds – An open market style collection of booths, where blacksmiths, engineers, and thaumaturges demonstrate and showcase their wares and developments, or are hired out for shipcrafting and thaumaturgical engineering jobs for organizations or ship crews.