The Raven King

Two columns of Blackcloaks followed the body of the high priest as the funeral marched down the Old Road toward the graveyard. It seemed like the ward had come to a halt – somber faces hanging out of a window or watching from the street as the funeral passed by. As the high priest was laid to rest and lowered into the grave, a murmuration of ravens erupted from the trees – dancing and twisting around each other into the sky – coal-black feathers drifting back down to the earth.

The Raven King

Alignment: True Neutral
Symbol: A raven in flight
Portfolio: Death, Dying, Balance, Fate

The Raven King is simultaneously the oldest known deity in Sundren and the most mysterious. It is rare for anyone to question his existence – when an individual passes away, without fail, a raven will land nearby, observe, and then fly away. Folklore states the ravens are the messengers of the Raven King and ferry souls back to him. Other tales state that the ravens are manifestations of the Raven King himself.

On the occasions in which a person dies somewhere that precludes the arrival of a raven (underground, for instance), a quantity of coal-black feathers will be found on the deceased – for example falling out of their cloak, or shaken loose from their hair.

While most gods possess characteristics and quirks that personify and humanize them, the Raven King behaves more as an omnipresent force of nature – exerting it’s power and influence in the world.

Dictums and teachings of this deity are more akin to oral tradition and folklore. It is said that the Raven King’s power and portfolio were destroyed during the Sundering, or the very cause of the Sundering – the account varies with each telling. This is the commonly believed reason as to why clerics and self-professed paladins of the Raven King receive no powers or blessings, unlike the other gods – though the truly devout believe that the Raven King’s desires and powers are inscrutable and beyond the concerns of mortals.