The man in the tattered cloak stumbled over a cluster of roots, clumsily bouncing between tree trunks as he clutched the shaft of the arrow protruding from his thigh. The next misstep was the last straw – he tumbled to the mossy ground, painfully panting from exertion. The ranger emerged from the fog before he could get up onto his knees. The poacher started off into a pitifully slow crawl, desperately scrambling for the bushes ahead – the ranger slowly lifted his bow. In the breath before the final arrow left his cheek, the ranger whispers a silent prayer to the Earthheart. Chaos reign.


Alignment: True Neutral, Neutral Good, Chaotic Good
Symbol: An emerald green leaf dripping water
Portfolio: Nature, growth, chaos

An exalted guardian of the Sylvanveil Forest

Civilization in the lands of Sundren competes against two forces – the chaos of wild magic, and the shifting-yet-foundational power of nature. All of nature’s stability, chaos, and divine force is embodied in the deity of Ygris, patron god of druids, rangers, hunters, and any individual who has wise regard for the relentless, unforgiving power of the earth.

Like his brethren in the pantheon of Sundren’s old gods, Ygris is an ever-present yet passive force in the realm. Civilization seems to enjoy Ygris’ begrudging acknowledgement – the wilds surrounding settlements across Ur’duryn and the Waning Isle are treacherous, unpredictable territories.

The attitudes of Ygris are evident in the very essence of nature itself. A forest fire destroys a bordering village – is the fire evil? In the wake of the burning, new and healthy forest can grow. A deluge of rain causes dozens to die in a flash flood – is the rain to blame, or the river for flooding? There is a simultaneous sense of law and chaos in nature and Ygris’ portfolio, above all, holds balance between the two in high regard.