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Oct 22 – Information for the Raven King, Deeprunners, and Arcane engines have been updated.
Feb 27 – Information for the deities of Valyron and Aiwarde have been updated.
Feb 24 – Information for the deities of Ocellus and Ygris have been updated.
Feb 20 – Pages for the Waning Isle and the Windsung Keep have been started.

Mysteries and Wild Magic

Brave adventurers and treasure seekers leave the ancient city of Sunderhold and plot a course across the Trackless Sea, hopeful to find their fortune in the ruins of civilizations only remembered through the wondrous relics left behind. The Deeprunners are the only adventurers brave enough, or foolhardy enough, to make the treacherous journey in search of uncharted lands, long-lost secrets, and eternal glory.

Across the sea in the lands of Ur’duryn, wild magic blows across the continent like passing storms. Echoes of the old gods still haunt the world while new gods whisper across the planes, seeking new followers and a foothold in a new land.

Tales of heroes and artifacts from a lost era are beginning to become uncovered, and perhaps some should have stayed forgotten.

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The Sundered Sea - A 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons campaign

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