Arcane Engine


Aside from thaumium, the arcane engine is one of the most significant cornerstones of trade, exploration, and commerce. The system generally consists of a main engine which is linked to two or three long, thaumium-infused rails running along the keel and waterline of a ship’s hull. When powered with refined thaumium, the rails are energized – inducing a gentle, forward-driving current around the ship, and also seemingly mitigating whatever energies conspire throughout the Trackless Seas to send ships adrift, never to be seen again.

Construction and design

The origin of the arcane engine stretches far back into history, and since the creation was so quickly reproduced and built upon, the true origins are often disputed. What is widely accepted is that it was likely dwarvish design, wrought from thaumium so the lords of the Halls of Dweomerhome could sail the Trackless Seas in search of their ancestral homes.

Because of the extreme difficulty in sourcing materials, the artistry and skill in forging and assembling them, as well as the maintenance and upkeep in keeping them functioning – arcane engines are highly-prized pieces of equipment, typically worth exponentially more than the ships they are fitted to. No arcane engine and corresponding drive rails are alike – most likely due to the fact that designs are constantly being refined, and each system is often designed around the particular ship to which the engine will be fitted.

The methods of production and maintenance of these engines are prized trade secrets, and the identities of these thaumaturgists and engineers who can craft and service these complex relics are jealously guarded – and worth a kings ransom to identify and source.

Operation and function

Again, while designs from engine to engine often vary, the basic operation of an arcane engine involves placing refined thaumium into the “burner” of the engine, which is typically located in it’s own chamber near a ship’s stern. Long, thaumium-infused rails branch out from the engine to the outside of the ship’s hull, typically running along the keel and/or waterlines.

When powered, the rails tend to produce a faint, greenish glow which radiates around the ship. A gentle but steady current is induced in the water immediately surrounding the ship, generally driving the vessel forward at a speed of approximately 2.5 knots, or 3 miles per hour. This forward speed is valuable when there is no wind to drive the sails, or can be used in conjunction with the standard array of mast and sails present on the ship. Additionally, a powered arcane engine exhibits a little-understood but invaluable protective aura commonly referred to as “the Thaumium Veil.”

The Thaumium Veil

Deeprunners making the treacherous journey between Ur’duryn and the Waning Isle make their journeys in constant fear of the Trackless Sea’s bizarre and dangerous properties. In the roughly eighty years since the founding of the Deeprunner’s Alliance, more than twenty-five ships have vanished – sometimes entirely, or often the missing ships would be encountered years later by other runners, dilapidated and vacant.

The only consistent link found in the ships that have succumbed to the forces of the Trackless Sea is that recovered captain’s logs always show the arcane engines of the ship were disabled before the entries stop – either because they lacked the thaumium to power the engine, or they were trying to conserve their reserve.

Researchers and scholars cannot determine how the arcane engines prevent the forces of the Trackless Sea from claiming ships, but Deeprunners don’t particularly care so long as their journeys back and forth to Sunderhold are successful. As a result, the protective effect of an energized arcane engine is commonly referred to among Deeprunners as the “Thaumium Veil.”