What few fragments of information that exist about the civilization which existed before the Sundering refer to the Nádr people. Their influence in the world is embedded in most people’s lives – the technology and remaining relics of the Nádr people form the backbone and prosperity of the city of Sunderhold.

Research of the Nádr

Scholars constantly seek any new sources of information regarding the Nádr people. What little has been pieced together comes from interpretation of carvings, fragments of relics, and the relative preservation of the city of Sunderhold. Any information as to the nature, culture, or society of the Nádr is left to theory and conjecture, as no surviving documents or records have been recovered.

The prevalence of thaumium and thaumaturgical applications using the material suggest the Nádr had achieved some form of mastery of the material, and the surviving contraptions and alchemical machines in Sunderhold are living testaments to the Nádr’s artisanship. Additonally, recovered cyphers and the thriving trade of the magical trinkets and relics suggest the Nádr possessed a profound, powerful comprehension of magical energies, and that these energies were likely more stable prior to the events of the Sundering.

Interpretation of some recovered carvings, and the fact that the existence of the Nádr abruptly halts following the events of the Sundering, leads scholars to believe that the Nádr were responsible for the events of the Sundering with some degree of confidence. However, the events leading up to the Sundering, and records of the Sundering itself, are again left to conjecture and speculation.