Thamium is a rare, crystalline element strewn across the entirety of the world of Sundren. It is typically emerald green and eerily radiant in appearance, and can be found most commonly in it’s elemental form – a rough, crystalline form of ore.

Thamium, in its more raw, elemental state, presents as a semi-translucent, greenish crystal. When heated or forged, however, it takes on properties more akin to metal – though it typically takes a tremendous amount of heat to transmute thaumium into a molten state. While in this superheated state, thaumium can be molded and smithed similarly to precious metals such as gold or silver. Once quenched or cooled, the piece will take on it’s crystalline appearance once again.

Researchers into magic and thaumaturgy prize thaumium for it’s magical properties – most significantly, the ease in which the material will accept and hold enchantment and magical energies, the very property which makes it energy-dense and the favored fuel source for arcane engines.

Properties and uses

Thamium serves as a valuable commodity among the races of Sundren – most importantly, it fuels the arcane engines which power most ships traversing the Trackless Sea. Divining and extracting thaumium deposits, primarily across the continent of Ur’duryn, is a common source of labor and trade throughout Sundren.

Thamium coinage is not uncommon in the more affluent and adventurous trades – a small ingot or ducat of thaumium commonly has a value of roughly 200 gold pieces, making it useful currency in large transactions

Thaumium cyphers

In addition to its extraction, extremely rare relics of the pre-Sundering NĂ¡dr civilization can be found – nestled into uncharted forest floors, or entombed in a deep catacombs, these pieces are rumored to exhibit magical properties more significant than a lesser cypher – for instance, an intricate, thaumium amulet which whispers conversations in the wearer’s mind.

These relics are tremendous boons to Runners and their crew – anonymous, wealthy patrons in Sunderhold will pay exorbitant bounties for intact pieces which survive the journey back.