Ur’duryn is the largest landmass that can be found in the Trackless Sea. It is largely uninhabited, aside from orcish tribes of barbarians sheltering in the continent’s mountainous regions, clusters of elvish colonies deep within the forests, and the coastal settlements along the western shores supplying Deeprunners travelling from the Waning Isle. It is also the landmass most severely afflicted by the roaming storms of wild magic which blow through the region.

The continent is rife with long-abandoned ruins, dwarven halls, cities, and settlements empty since the Sundering. Entrepreneurs, adventurers, scholars, and glory-seekers brave the journey across the Sundered Sea seeking treasures, thaumium, and cyphers to bring back to the Waning Isle to sell or study.

Settlers of Ur’duryn are hearty, bold, and adaptable folk – it is a difficult land to settle and survive upon. Most are hungry for the secrets of the lost civilizations of Sundren, or perhaps running from something, or even seeking to prove themselves away from the relative safety of Sunderhold and the Waning Isle .


The climates and geography of Ur’duryn is diverse. The pine and deciduous forest of Vallangathyr blankets much of the western portion of the continent, a natural border between the western coastal settlements and the sprawling, untamable lands to the east. Two main mountain ranges stretch across the continent: the large, starburst-like range to the southwest known as the Bones of Gaia, and the long curving range known as Gaia’s Jaw toward the northeast. A barren desert of plain and tundra is centered between the ranges known as the Great Expanse, so called due to the vast plains and tundra stretching for hundreds of miles. A general lack of precipitation and distance from sources of water make traveling through the Expanse a logistical as well as physical trial.

Along the southwest region of Ur’duryn, the more tropical and deciduous Eithlond forest wraps around the southern reaches of the Bones of Gaia, forming a border between the mountains and the Wastes of Ur’duryn, a swamp-riddled marshland which stretches to the southern coasts of the continent.