Windsung Keep

A traveler approaches Windsung Keep, viewed from below on the Whispered Way.


Windsung Keep is a fortified settlement located along the summits of the Grey Fangs, a range of mountains that running along the southeastern coast of the Waning Isle. Windsung Keep serves as a monastery, archive, and shrine to the old god Ocellus. The monastery itself is built into Mount Krosus, the highest peak of the Grey Fang mountain range.

The current headmaster of the monastery is Astir Falemor, a secretive scholar and the head archivist of the libraries.

Windsung Keep

Reaching Windsung Keep requires traversing The Whispered Way – a treacherous, challenging trail which snakes through the Grey Fangs. It is said a guide is necessary to survive the journey, as a number of pitfalls, traps, and obstacles are rumored to litter the trail and weed out the unworthy.

Even the select few that survive the journey and reach the gates risk being turned away and denied entry. There are many that desire the horde of knowledge and manuscripts stored within the archives, or seek training or a mentor from within the monastery – however, the masters of Windsung Keep ultimately decide who can gain admittance.

Among the adventurers and petitioners seeking to reach the Keep, there is an unending debate on the “surefire” method to gain entry. Some say a demonstration of skill will suffice, yet others believe bringing a rare or uncatalogued manuscript or tome as a gift to the archives will curry favor.

The All-seer’s Atheneum

A series of vast, domed chambers are carved into the very heart of Mount Krosus, forming a massive archive of records, texts, artifacts, and knowledge spanning countless centuries of history.

Those who are fortunate enough to gain admittance are offered 10 days within the archives to do as they wish, so long as the materials are not harmed, modified, or stolen. Basic room and board is provided as well during this period. Scholars may wish to copy valuable manuscripts, while monks seek out forgotten treatises on ancient forms and techniques – practicing in empty, candlelit chambers, surrounded by manuals and illustrations.