The Waning Isle


The Waning Isle is one of the two continents in the lands of Sundren, the smaller sister to the sprawling Ur’duryn. In the far east, across the Trackless Sea, raging torrents of wild magic plague Ur’duryn and make the establishments of long term settlements nigh impossible. The Waning Isle, however, has been spared from the destructive forces of wild magic.

Map of the Waning Isle

One hex is equivalent to 10 miles. Geographical features are not precisely to scale.


The geography of the Waning Isle is diverse, and scholars theorize that the cataclysmic forces of the Sundering likely played a role in the formation of much of the continent’s features. The climate across the continent is largely temperate-to-cold; hilly, mountainous terrain dominates much of the continent’s topography.

The majority of population lies within the sprawling city of Sunderhold – buildings, structures, and architecture left behind by the long-lost NĂ¡dr society now filled with the present-day peoples of Sundren. Much of the fertile and temperate land is located within the same geographical region, causing many of the settlements on the Waning Isle to cluster around the eastern, central portion of the continent.

The Rimeback Mountains run north to south along the western coast of the Waning Isle, forming a tremendous natural barrier that largely prohibits any attempts to settle those lands. The Rimeback’s are tall and treacherous, and much of the surrounding foothills are rocky, cold, and barren.

To the south, the Grey Fangs form a mountain range and clusters of rocky pinnacles extending out into the southeastern shores, into the Trackless Sea. The settlement of Vessylgrave has nestled into this treacherous archipelago, utilizing the challenging navigation as a natural protection from privateers and the Sunderhold navies. The archives and monasteries of the Windsung Keep have also established themselves on Mount Krosus – the highest peak of the Grey Fangs.

Where the Everfrost River empties into the Trackless Sea on the eastern shores of the Waning Isle, a geothermically active peak rises out of the King’s Bay, referred to as the Djinn’s Maw. Sailors tend to keep a wide berth when sailing near the mountain, as ships being capsized by plumes of steam and fire erupting from the ocean (or the mountain itself) are not unheard of.

The Pinesprawl is a forest extending out from the eastern reaches of the Rimeback mountains, providing a valuable source of strong timber which is harvested in the logging community of Wyham Vale. To the north of Sunderhold is the Kingsgrove – a smaller, more deciduous forest which borders the farming community of Greencrest.

Further north on the Waning Isle is the Sylvanveil Forest – a sprawling, wild forest haunted by mists and marauding tribes of goblin and orcs. The settlement of Ashfall lies on its southern borders, the first line of defense against these vicious raids. East of the Sylvanveil is the Timber Barrows – a long stretch of pale, thin trees struggling to survive in the frigid, barren north.


  • Ashfall - Logging community, and northernmost settlement of Waning Isle.
  • Dweomerhome - Ancestral home, kingdom, and stronghold of the dwarves.
  • Eurayle’s Watch - Fortified waystation and watchtower for travelers journeying between Leyford Watch and Overlook.
  • Ghrunhallow - Mining and extraction settlement on the northern edge of the Greyfang Mountains.
  • Greencrest - Agricultural community and settlement north of Sunderhold.
  • Leyford Watch - Fortified waystation and watchtower at the River Eldren crossroads.
  • Overlook - Settlement and watchtower built around the Precursors Reach, the sole engineered crossing of the Everfrost River.
  • Sunderhold - Cradle of civilization, and metropolis of meritocracy. Wiki page available.
  • Vessylgrave - Pirate haven and the dark mirror to Sunderhold, located south in the rocky archipelago spilling off of the Greyfang Mountains.
  • Windsung Keep - Secretive monastery and archive built into the Greyfang Mountains. Wiki page available.
  • Wyham Vale - Logging and agricultural community bordering the Pinesprawl Forest.